good place  for sex with strangers fairly safe not many people


bakers nude beach on scenic Dr. south of Trinidad Ca. very safe and well used  

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QuestionSo, where is the list of Humboldt County dogging locations. I would love to visit and give people a show. Answer

yes there are a few but are patrolled from time to time so please be alert. there are the rest areas north of Trinidad. and mad river park. also on hillficker ave  there’s a trail where some people meet. oh and Trinidad has a nude beach south of town look for the bakers beach sign but this time of year may not be the best time for that. and I sorry for not getting back sooner had a full plate this week.

I have “stumbled” upon your Tumblr, and I must say, it make my pants fit a whole lot tighter! I am a born and raised local here in Eureka Ca and was wondering if you have herd of any place where fun loving folks like to meet for some fun?  I am wanting to explore my free loving side a bit more and think this dogging/swinger thing is very exciting.  Hopefully I will hear some good news back!  Thanks and keep up the good work!

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